Geek | People with power hearing will now be able to hear from fingers.

It is named as "Vice President Auditing Stamulator," a public income professor of Hebron University in Jerusalem with the help of international experts. The device was first tested at 12 dead bodies, with an average of 29 years of age. The native language of all people was English, and none of them was inaccessible to hearing the disorder. These people were heard in 10 small and simple English sentences of 25 groups. Background sound included more noise so that the hearing process could be difficult.

In the hearing, people who are weak or deprived are in a similar situation called Cocktails Party Party, under which they do not distinguish between peoples voices in the crowd. Now in this situation a new device will help them listen to which they can feel the sound by keeping fingers on the throbbing stylist.

The first participants were discussed on the headphone so it was very difficult to understand what was being said. Then he was told to hear the testimony and the middle finger placed on a cheap ticile tool, and he was well understood. Veterinary Audit Semiconductor is the device that changes the frequency frequency into variant. Using this tool, listening to the sounds in two ways - the first they hear from the ear and feel frustrated with their fingers. The process of listening to this type of 6 DC bell was noted. Dr. Tomaz Volak of World Hearing Center in Poland says that the fingers inspiration help us listen. In this way, we listen to two senses and both types of information arrive at the same place of mind and accelerate the process of listening. In the next phase, this tool will be tested by people who are very difficult in hearing. The details of this research have been published in the Journal of Restaurant and Neurology and Neuroscience.