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Meagn Brzoska: One of my teachers did this my senior year. They were mad that I basically screwed around all year but out final paper scored high enough so I could pass the class. My final grade 59.9. 0.01 point shy of a passing D so I could graduate and they refused to bump it up. Thankfully counselor let me do a 4hour online course instead, she knew they were being an ass about it too. She told me she didn't care what I did or if I cheated just get it done.

Tuco L Feo : Reply

Meagn Brzoska I kind of did the same thing in jr. College. I would actually sleep in class and two girls were always waking me up. Finally about 3/4 through the semester the professor asked me to stay a minute. He said "I see you sleep in my class while I lecture and yet you have an almost perfect score on my midterms and your papers are very good. What gives, I have never had a student do that.??" I told him I love American history, especially the wars, extremely interesting to me. I definitely absorbed his lecturing while napping lol. Yes I got an A no rounding needed😅🤣